About me


Ndarama Assoumani was born August 12, 1985 in Bujumbura, Burundi. Ndarama is a Rwandan professional cartoonist. He did his primary education in Burundi Ngagara and moved with his family at the end of 1994 after the genocide against the Tutsi. He continued his studies in Kimihurura and Kicukiro College (Fine arts).

As a cartoonist, Ndarama began his career in 2007 and worked for various large companies in Rwanda as a freelancer, among them there Ingabo Magazine, The Service Mag, Igihe ltd, Ruhagoyacu etc., and is currently working as editorial cartoonist at Imvaho Nshya the oldest newspaper of Rwanda.

He also works in the field of cartoons based on the editorial cartoons, comics, caricature, illustration, 2d and 3d animations.


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